A Little About Kevin

    Kevin was born and raised in central Mississippi. Music is in his blood, passed down from his father Mike Robinson, who himself is a singer/songwriter. Kevin's influences are Kenny Loggins, Elvis Presley, Live, Foreigner, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and many others including his father.

     Kevin has been singing since he could talk and throughout the following years learned to play a few instruments, most of which he taught himself how to play. He started out playing drums at a young age.... like 4. He took piano lessons in 4th grade, but only took it for a year so he doesn't know much, but wishes he had stuck with it. He taught himself to play the guitar and bass guitar in his mid teens, which led to his songwriting.

     Before writing songs, Kevin had written poetry and playing instruments gave him music to write to. He was in several "garage bands", but didn't get into a gigging band until his early 20's, when he became the drummer of the rock band Misfire for a year before disbanding due to creative differences. A few years later he became the lead singer of the band Broken Trust for a short period before moving to Texas for a year. After moving back to Mississippi, he sang for a few other bands including Autumn Betrayal, Phelan, Rotten Railroad, Plowmule, and The Score, while also doing solo acoustic shows.

     Kevin is currently the lead singer for the Meridian, MS based band, radiomaze. He still performs his solo acoustic show in local venues in Mississippi.

"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain."

  - Bob Marley